Requests to Storefront API from python server

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I have my own website and customers.

I want to sell my client's products inside my site using StorefrontAPI.

But I need that all the requests to StorefrontAPI will be from my server in python.

I'm trying to use shopify_python_api but I'm struggling with section 3:





shop_url = ""
api_version = '2020-10'
state = binascii.b2a_hex(os.urandom(15)).decode("utf-8")
redirect_uri = ""
scopes = ['read_products', 'read_orders']

newSession = shopify.Session(shop_url, api_version)
auth_url = newSession.create_permission_url(scopes, redirect_uri, state)
# redirect to auth_url




What do I need to define in my custom app to make it work?


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