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Retrieving an empty products array with JS-Buy-SDK

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I have 20 products and also created a collection filled with products. When I fetch theses products like you see below I get an empty array back... 

import Client from 'shopify-buy';

const storeDomain: string = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SHOPIFY_STORE_DOMAIN ?? ''
const accessToken: string = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SHOPIFY_STORE_FRONT_ACCESS_TOKEN ?? ''

// Initializing a client to return content in the store's primary language
const shopifyClient = Client.buildClient({
    domain: storeDomain,
    storefrontAccessToken: accessToken,

const parseShopifyResponse = (response: any) => JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(response));

export { shopifyClient, parseShopifyResponse };


import type { NextPage } from 'next';
import Layout from 'src/components/Layout';
import { shopifyClient as client, parseShopifyResponse } from 'src/shopify/initialize-js-buy-sdk';

const Home: NextPage = () => {

    const resp = async () => {
        const products = await client.product.fetchAll(10);

        console.log('products', products);
        const resp = parseShopifyResponse(products);

        console.log('resp', resp);

        const collectionsData = await client.collection.fetchAllWithProducts();

        console.log('collectionData', collectionsData);
        const collections = parseShopifyResponse(collectionsData);

        console.log('collections', collections);


    return (

export default Home;


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Found the answer.. Had to check available channels in the under products.