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How do you get more sales after you launch your store 

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Hi @STACiT ,

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Good Question.

Shopify is an amazing platform that can help you launch an ecommerce store quickly and efficiently. But like with any platform, sales won’t happen on their own.

Before Launching All These Points Keep in Mind. 

Make a Proper the Layout of Your Store.

Logo: for Brand Identity, You Need a Proper Logo to Represent Your Business as Its Missing on Your Website. It's a Basic or Important Foundation for Branding Your Business.


Front Images: Use Good Quality Featured Banner Images with Call to Action Button to Captivate User Attention.


Homepage: Homepage Designs Guides Your Visitors Around Your Website. to Engage Visitors You Need to Work on Homepage Layout Design. Include Trust Indicators on the Homepage. Homepage Content Should Be Strategically Decided. You Can Add ‘Call to Action Banner’ ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Top Selling Products Etc. on the Homepage to Engage Users.


Add Blog: You Know Creating/adding of Blogs Gives You a Great Way to Generate Fresh Content on a Website and Provide a Catalyst for Email Marketing, Social Media Promotion to Drive Search Traffic to Your Website.


Trust Signals: Show Off Trust Signals and Customer Testimonials to Boost Conversion. Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals Build Customer's Trust and Help Customers to Feel More Secure in Their Buying Decision.


Always Check Your Store in Page Speed or Gt Matrix or Lighthouse Chrome Browser Tool.

Improve Seo, Links, Usability, Performance Score for Increase More Conversion & Sale.

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