Share Cart between Android, iOS using Storefront API

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We are developing Shopify custom storefront app for Android, iOS and Web platform using Storefront API.


How do we share product cart for same user between Android, iOS and Web platform with Storefront API ?

Is there is any other Shopify SDK or API available for managing cart instances ?


For example, if user adds products to the cart using web application, and chooses either Android or iOS to make payment.

The sample provided for Android and iOS uses local transient memory for storing products in the cart.

The Storefront graph API also doesn't have any mutation query available for creating cart.

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Hi @Mayank_Kumar 


Currently, there is no built in way to share a cart with the Storefront API. This is a feature we have considered so I will make sure the team is aware you are requesting this. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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we've recently bump into the same problem. We found a way to share the cart, by saving the checkout id in our back-end and retrieving it from there, then calling the ios/android/webjs sdk to get the checkout node. It looks like everything is working so far, with one single problem: We have to use the same storefront api key (shopify app) for all platforms, otherwise the checkout cannot be retrieved. 

However, this could lead us to another problem since the transactions reporting in analytics might show everything coming from the same source.

Is there any way we can use the same api key, but still segregate the analytics reports?