Shopify AJAX Section Rendering API updates line items but doesn't update cart total

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I'm trying to update cart items with AJAX and Section Rendering API within the Dawn theme.

When I execute the code below in the cart page all works well on product item level - the quantity updates and the price changes accordingly without page reload. However, the totals in cart-footer don't update.

Anyone could let me know what is wrong with the code below?





let body = JSON.stringify({
  updates: {
    43222573449472: 2 

fetch('cart/update', {...fetchConfig(), ...{ body }})
  .then((response) => {return response.text();})
  const parsedState = JSON.parse(state); 
  document.getElementById('shopify-section-template--16499219595520__cart-items').innerHTML = parsedState.sections['template--16499219595520__cart-items'] 






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