Shopify & Vue Storefront - Frontend Platform to build Headless Shopify (PWA Storefront)

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Hi everyone! I’m Tom from VSF and I hope it’s a good channel to share integrations for Shopify 🙂

Vue Storefront is a Frontend Platform to build Headless Shopify. It takes care of PWA Storefront using technologies like Vue, Nuxt and more 🙂

What it unlock for Shopify Devs & Merchants:

- Building breakthrough UX
- Personalization
- Cross-border sales
- Performance
- Control of URL structure

Check the code for yourself:


We also have the very first Case Study of the Shopify integration! Pure Daily Care, an LA-based beauty and wellness brand, went entirely headless in just eight weeks:

Vue Storefront Core Partner Aureate Labs created the Shopify Integration and here is the story that will throw a light on how all of it was done:

We have a video for you explaining how to Install Shopify Integration prepared by Aureate Labs:

Architecture Snapshot below:


Shopify & Vue Storefront Integration ArchitectureShopify & Vue Storefront Integration Architecture

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