Shopify API to integrate into mobile apps

Shopify API to integrate into mobile apps

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I am contacting on behalf of my client, who has multiple stores in Shopify with different domain name setup because they have multiple brands, each brand will have their own shopify store account with own unique domain. 


The client would want to have a mobile apps that will allow customer to choose the brand and display the products according to the brand selected by the customer. In the mobile app, the product for a specific brand will be based on the Shopify Store. We will need to pull the products from multiple Shopify Store (Based on the selected brand) and display in the app with the feature to add to cart, checkout and make payment. We will develop the Mobile Apps for our client.

1. We are wondering, does Shopify API has all the APIs required for us to integrate the customer checkout process such as add to cart, shipping address and make payments in the mobile app?

2. When we use the Shopify API to pull the products from multiple Shopify stores, can the customer add those item in the same cart but the some of the items might be from different stores?
3. Do you have payment APIs to handle the payment operation that we need to integrate in the mobile app?

Looking forward to your reply and advises or solutions that you guys help us here.

Thank You,

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Hi I am actually trying to do something similar to this and would like to know if you have found the answer to your query. 


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Any suggestions @tthau2010 @VhonaniM Did you get to integrate the checkout and payment with in the mobile app? If yes, What did you use and how?