Shopify chat for headless

Shopify chat for headless

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@OneCommerce team but how can i show shopoify chat icon on my frontend is there any API or plugin available so i can integrate it with my custom fronted (shopify hesdless)

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Hello @Ashish93 ,


Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to Settings -> Sales Channels -> Shopify Chat -> Enable it
  • Obtain your Shopify Chat API key by going to Settings > Sales Channels > Shopify Chat, and then click on the "View API Key" button.
  • Integrate the Shopify Chat API into your custom frontend using the documentation provided by Shopify. The Shopify Chat API allows you to control the appearance and behavior of the chat widget, as well as handle events and interactions with the chat widget.

Once you have integrated the Shopify Chat API or a third-party plugin into your custom frontend, the Shopify Chat icon should appear on your frontend, allowing your customers to start chatting with you.


Hope this will be helpful.

OneCommerce team.

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