Shopify Headless and custom Payment Gateway

Shopify Headless and custom Payment Gateway

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Hello! 👋

We are Developers and plan to use Shopify as a headless solution (API-only) for our self-made e-commerce web-shop. We whant to use Shopify Checkout API and Curbstone as a custom Payment Gateway (external website\iframe, it will store a Customer credit card info).


By the May 2023 - is there any legal\tech limitations for us to do it? (USA) And what paid plan we must use for this?


Can't find Cursbtone in a aproved payments apps list. Also this answer rising some questions.

Our custom PG is already in use on old website. Thnx in advance.

"Use Shopify Checkout for payments and don’t divert to any other web checkout or payment processing (unless you have our permission)" -

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Hi @JetDev - Did you ever solve for this? We are building a B2B store for a client who uses Curbstone for their current wholesale orders. Thanks!