Shopify iOS Devs: apple-app-site-association file generated through admin: How can I edit this file?

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So this basically makes or breaks my whole business plan and acts as a huge blocker. 

Under Private Apps -> Configure iOS SDK -> Enable Universal Links.
This generates an apple-app-site-associatation file under "https://<>/apple-app-site-association".

I want to support Deeplinking, and maintain a list of debugging apps/app clip links and I need to edit this file to allow for this to work.

From what I can see it is not supported through the Shopify Dashboard. 

Would it be possible for someone to help me update this file, and have access to it?



UPDATE: I see this API:

Doesn't let me access that resource, and I cannot upload links or anything to allow me to support deep linking or app clips?


For applinks, and activity continuation I need new key values apart from "applinks"

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We need to do the same. Any help?

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Bump.  Would really, really, really like to be able to edit this file in Shopify.  My clients ask me about this almost everyday.  They have email marketing campaigns that they would like to send to the mobile browser and not the app.  Please help us all, Shopify!

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Did you ever figure this out?

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I did not. Right now all links open the app and then I filter in the app
to make certain links open the mobile browser on top.

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You can use the steps at which is pretty much the same for Android

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that just shows how to get the file hosted - nothing about adding supported links or anything?