Shopify is Supporting CedCommerce Multichannel Importer app and they are ripping people off

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***Cedcommerc APPS ARE FAULTY DO NOT USE THEM EVER!  I Repeat DO NOT USED CEDcommerce for anyreason or you will be sorry. Feel Free to go to Site Jabber and read horrible review after horrible review. Addtionally  after asking many questions over severel months a full time employee named Deepti  admits they do not work correctly and they have been lieing to us!!!  CEDCOMMERCE apps will mess up your site in so many ways!  DO NOT USE!


The Cedcommerce company out of Ludkow India offers many apps that are recommended by shopify on there platform.  However as dozens of other sellers have noted in reviews just this year, the App does not work, wont sync or import correctly.  Even the Agents that work at the app after doing some futher investigation , pressing them on the problems admit the app does not work correctly.  In fact they admit they need to manually go in with out you knowing and switch things inside the app for it to work.  We even have a screen shot of them admiting the app does not work correclty and they have been lieing to us for 7 months. 

Shopify is offering Cedcommerce apps that clearly do not work correctly.  Even there own developers of these apps do not work for the company anymore.  We believe with futher investigation that these apps were given or sold to the existing people, Vaurun, Vineet and Neha and they used them knowing they dont operate properly and are taking peoples money and ripping them off. This company should not have any apps available for sellers to use on shopifys platform.  IF YOU USED ANY CEBCOMMERCE APPS YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!

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