Shopify Payments API

Shopify Payments API

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We want to change our payment processor from Stripe to Shopify Payments. We have a mobile application with a completely custom checkout (not a webview of the default Shopify checkout), and we use the Storefront API along with the Stripe API to process payments. But I can't find any documentation about how (if even possible) to process payments with Shopify Payments. I found documentation about Payments Apps but I guess that is not what I am looking for, as we don't want to build a payment system but only use the already existing Shopify Payments one.


Is that possible to use Shopify Payments on custom storefronts with custom checkout ? If yes is there any documentation available ?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi @aurelien-r  are you using the API for the mobile app?   i hope this guide help you.

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Hi @ErSanjay , thank you for your reply. We are using the storefront API and everything works fine. We use the Stripe API to process payments but we would like to change to Shopify Payments. It seems it is not possible unless to create a public Payment App, but I guess that would take a lot of time.

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Hi @aurelien-r . That is the case it will require a Payments App as per this guide It will also be necessary to have the app approved, but it is possible , it's just that this is the required approach as you have discovered. 

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So that I understand, @ShopifyDevSup, there is not a path forward for using your payment terminal ie. allowing it to be connected to a Shopify store, that is also paired to a custom checkout application?  So, I can create a shopping cart, I can build out the order, but I cannot send it to the Shopify payment terminal to be processed?