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Do you guys have any CSS to shrink the Shopify Ping (Shopify chat) button on the storefront! It's too big. Normally I could do it alone but every time I target it, it doesn't change. I even wanna change the Z-index  (i want to appear behind my cart drawer). Any chance I could get the exact element to target with my CSS codes?


N.B: Please try it on a storefront before sending it to me to see if it work, because I've personally tried them all.

Thank you.

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Hello ,
Please share your site url.
So that i can check and provide you exact solution here.

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I am facing the same issue. If you found a solution please share. 

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Hi Shopify's Friends, 

For the Z-Index use the css #id and set your zindex value like this:

	z-index:99999999 !important;

	z-index:99999999 !important;



Daniele Gilio
CEO @ Tadan.Agency