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Shopify sales channel rules

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Max Baluev:  

Hello. We create AI sales assistant in social networks and instant messengers. We need access to the storefront api, so we need the sales channel. Our assistant is chatbot that sales inside facebook messenger, telegram, skype, viber.


Do we have the right to do the following ? Do we violate any shopify rules?


1) Create sales channel

2) Create an embedded application where the user can save his keys from the facebook messenger, telegram, skype and viber.

3) Use this messengers scope as our sales channel

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Shopify Staff
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Hey Max,


Couple things here.


1) You don't need to be a Sales Channel to use the Storefront API

2) It doesn't sound like your app would qualify as a Sales Channel. As described here, Sales Channels are for marketplaces or platforms where merchants can publish their products.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @Zameer,


That seems to contradict what the documentation says though. 


To authenticate with the Storefront API as either a private or public app, you need to obtain a storefront access token with the unauthenticated access scopes. As a private app, you can obtain the token when creating a private app in the Shopify admin. As a public app, you need to obtain the token by using OAuth. You need to include the token in a request header to access the Storefront API:


Could you clarify this a bit further? As I'm also scratching my head around this, and would like to access the Storefront API, but cannot figure out how to do so without building a Sales Channel app.

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Did any of you find a solution to this? I am also facing the same problem but I need to access the Checkout API. As per the docs, my app must be a sales channel to access the Checkout API. What to do in this situation?