@shopify/shopify-api It is as if she cut straight to a working result

@shopify/shopify-api It is as if she cut straight to a working result

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She goes through the process and I follow. However, she gets a result that works I do not. It seems as if she works the code but the process of signing the app in thorough the portal is already done for her. I did everything to a T up to even choosing the same APP names but I cannot get mine to authenticate. I used the API credentials from the app and tried to install it in a test store. I notice in the accompanying docs there is a specification for the shop URL for example mygreatstore.myshopify.com however she specifies no such thing in her initialization function.Can anyone from shopify help because I have a good deal of experience with APIs and this one seems to be not very straight forward

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Hi there!

We have made some changes recently so that video may be a little outdated.

I would recommend installing the latest version of the Shopify CLI.

You can then install a starter Shopify App template that has the OAuth flow already implemented for you, so you can focus on building out the features of your application.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.