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Need some help on the coding side.

Real quick background info: we're building templates that include the Shopify Buy Button (our clients will subscribe to the Shopify Lite plan). So far, I've been able to make everything customizable on my side like the button color, cart color, border radius, button text color, etc EXCEPT one thing will not change no matter what I do. The shopping cart icon. I can change the color of the number above the icon, I can even change the font to any font I want in the world, but the icon color won't change.

This is the class: .shopify-buy_icon-cart_group {
fill: #fff;

I believe the issue is that this style is applying rather than the parent class: .shopify-buy__cart-toggle {
font-family: Lovelace;
color: #ffffff;
border-radius: 90px 0px 0px 90px;
background-color: #353535;

**NOTE: right now it is set to white because it can't be set to any other color.

The way to fix this issue would be for the cart icon styles to be sent with the Shopify script that gets imbedded in the head.

Can anyone send me the script for the head that includes styles for the cart icon. Or is there an alternative solution?

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