Simple Check UI Extension Not Rendering

Simple Check UI Extension Not Rendering

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I want to adapt to the new Checkout Extension UI Apps as the checkout.liquid file will be deprecated.

Following the tutorials to start an app with a checkout UI customization extension, I am able to create the projects using npm, installing onto my Partners Development site, and run dev to view these things through ngrok. But, my actual Checkout UI Extensions that I am creating never seems to actually render onto the checkout page in this preview.

Do I need to enable something on the site to allow the customization to render, or am I missing something else?


Any help or direction is appreciated.


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Hi there! I wanted to clarify something so I can better help you - when you say "never seems to actually render onto the checkout page in this preview", do you mean inside an actual checkout, or inside the new checkout editor?


Although this is an improvement we want to make at some point, it is normal for extensions in development to only show in a real checkout, and not in the checkout editor - if you want to test them in the editor instead, you need to install the app on your test store, and then publish the extensions you want to test. You could then place these extensions as intended, much like a merchant would do.


If you're following the correct steps and the extensions are still not showing on a real checkout, then it could be a problem on our side - please let us know if that's the case, and we'll make sure we'll look into it.


Thank you, and hope that helps!

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