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Storefront API Checkout Options

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Hi folks,


I created a store and am using `Storefront API` to fetch products to my react native application. I was also successful in leveraging `JS-Buy-SDK` to create a web checkout url after customers decide to check out the items that they select in my application. However, I'm a bit stuck on building a native payment solution to my application leveraging `Storefront API`. The API documentation seems to suggest that `Shopify Card Vault` and `Stripe` Integrations are both possible. To use the mutations offered by both of these methods though, it seems like the `write-checkout-payments` feature needs to be enabled for my app. What I'm confused about a little bit is that I never created an app to use Storefront API. I just listed products to my store and was able to do everything without registering an App. What would be the best way to go about this? Should I register an app and requesting `payment processing` and `write checkout payments?  Would that sync up with the store that I already have set up? Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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Hey Brian,

Vaulting is specifically geared towards marketplace sales channels, but the Storefront API offers a ton of options for checking out that don't require vaulting. 

Your best bet is probably to go through the app creation process that's detailed in the Getting Started guide. The guide shows how to start with a key, and then use that key to do things like get data from Shopify, and create checkouts.

If you have more questions after going through the guide, let us know!

Shayne | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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We have now obtained access to payment processing and are fully operational
as a sales channel app. Couple of questions:

(1) We tried to create use GraphQL calls to use checkout IDs generated via
the storefront API, and tried to complete payments with tokens generated
via Stripe Connect. However, this didn't work. Is it correct to assume that
you can't use GraphQL to complete Stripe Connect Payments?

(2) We manually obtained the checkout "token" to fetch the checkout, and
used a REST API call to complete a payment via Stripe Connect and it worked
well. However, we are wondering how we can generate a checkout token via
the storefront API. Is there an automatic way of doing this?

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You mean to say theres no way for me to send credit card info via javascript to shopify? Why would I want to increase my PCI compliance level and let the card info touch my server? How can I complete my shopify payment without the credit card information touching the server? I use I cant use vault because theres no way to do that from JS. What am I missing?

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Hi Shayne, 

You mentioned that vaulting is needed for marketplaces. What if we need to use API to connect the web app to only 1 store? It's not a marketplace, just a custom website that will sell products using Shopify API. You mentioned that Storefront API offers a lot of options for that - but I could not find any, except for using Vault or Stripe Connect. Please advice.

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does your sales Channel only support credit card payments since the Checkout API only supports credit card vault?

How is it possible to provide other payment options besides credit card payments as a sales channel?