Re: Storefront API fetch product - Customize query

Storefront API fetch product - Customize query

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Hi, I'm trying to fetch product details when someone clicks a different variant of a product. Specifically I'd like to know the 'quantityAvailable' for each variant.

However, the standard fetch method as described in the docs (see here) does not return quantityAvailable.

client.product.fetch(productId).then((product) => {
  // Do something with the product

Is there any way to change what fields/data get returned from this fetch method?


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Looking at the docs, you could create a custom GraphQL query that returns the on-hand availability, right? Based on the doc example below, you could pull the product variant's availability by modifying the actual GraphQL query I believe. Something to the effect of 


 root.addConnection('productvariant', {args: {id: 'gid://shopify/ProductVariant/1234567890}}, (productvariant) =>
// Pull the fields you want, such as drilling into inventory item's on-hand availability...



Fetching Products

// Build a custom products query using the unoptimized version of the SDK
const productsQuery = client.graphQLClient.query((root) => {  root.addConnection('products', {args: {first: 10}}, (product) => {    product.add('title');    product.add('tags');// Add fields to be returned

// Call the send method with the custom products queryclient.graphQLClient.send(productsQuery).then(({model, data}) => {
  // Do something with the products  console.log(model);