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Storefront api issue

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am developing a frontend mobile app using flutter for a client already have working shopify website .
All his products and collections translated on the website using langify.
On the app I'm using the storefront api to get all the data and it's all in english . How can I switch lang to get the products and colection on other langs.
And what is the graphql queries should I use to retrieve all products belongs to a collection in specific lang.
I saw the docs nothing about translations using apps like langify I have to add all the translations to the admin graphql api again then nothing about how to get all products on category with specific lang translation only one product.
And it is not sufficient at all to do the work
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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @nour-diaa 


Glad you have have your app up and running. A good choice with Flutter - neat technology. The Storefront API has a built-in way to grab translations for content. We have a guide you can check out here:



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