Storefront API Subscription Bundles

Storefront API Subscription Bundles

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Is it possible to build an ongoing subscription composed of product bundles that change per period in Storefront API? And is it possible to keep inventory in sync with item sales via bundle?


For example, let's say I had a wine club. I would a want a customer to be able to purchase a subscription to a monthly delivery service called "Bold Reds", which would deliver 3 different red wines every month. And let's say I'd also like to sell the wines in "Bold Reds" individually. Is this possible?


Is it possible to adjust the inventory of an individual "Bold Red" if it's sold as part of a bundle?


And, is it possible to hold inventory items that are scheduled to be delivered as part of a bundle, but haven't been charged yet? For example, if 100 of a "Bold Red" is scheduled to be delivered as part of a subscription, and if the inventory of said "Bold Red" is 100, I'd like for it to be considered sold out.


Thank you in advance!




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