Storefront query customer addresses result do not reflect changes(add/update/delete)- Mobile Buy SDK

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I am working on an iOS app using storefront api, i have a profile page that allow user to add/update/delete addresses. so far i've managed to use these functions

Storefront.buildMutation on:

- customerAddressCreate 

- customerAddressUpdate (passed address ID)

- customerAddressDelete (passed address ID)

those return no errors, the addresses data shown correctly on the store website, however the issue is addresses i got on the app still remains the same. 



  • Mobile Buy SDK: 12.0.0
  • Native iOS, UIKit
  • XCode 15.2


Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  • Verified successful execution of mutations (no errors).
  • Confirmed address updates on the store website.
  • Restarted the app to make sure the addresses api is running and the data is retreived


Here is the code snippet that i have on a function that get all the customer addresses


 .customer(customerAccessToken: accessToken) { $0
                .addresses(first: Int32(100)) {
                    $0.nodes { $0



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