Stuck on sales channel payments

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I'm working on proof-of-concept/feasibility for an ecommerce integration we are looking at connecting our service to Shopify using.


So far I've:

  • In the "API access" section of my app i have enabled the `Protected customer data access` (i assume this is so I have permssions to POST addresses, emails, names etc into the checkout?),
  • I have also requested "Request payment processing" permissions (i have only put "testing" as the description for the moment, is this likely going to be an issue for testing? We will be using a different shopify account if/when we go ahead with this project).
  • Implimented the OAuth flow and obtained a store-specific auth session token with the `write_checkouts` and `read_product_listings` scopes,
  • Obtained a product listing via the admin api,
  • Created a cart, including the billing and shipping address, email, shipping selection

Where I am stuck is completing the checkout as I need to created a transaction/payment.
I am used to recieving a token/nonce from the FE of applications i am working on and then placing a charge/pament request using the given token.

So my questions are:

  • Am I correct in thinking that if I dont "Request payment processing" permissions, then *all* I can do is create a pre-defined cart, to which I can redirect an end user to and they can enter their payment details.
  • Am I able to use a payment created via Braintree (or other gateways for that matter) and pass this payment data (i.e. auth token, ids, metadata etc) to the cart and complete the payment? As I understand I cant but is it on the roadmap, OR is this something that Spreedly would allow me to do?
  • My next Gateway I wanted to use was Stripe, which does not seem to be listed in the options for the gateways in the development store. I was hoping setting this up would allow me to put my sandbox tokens into my development store and it would populate `shopify_payments_account_id` and from there I could figure out how to tokenise a card. I feel lik this is most likely the simplest option. Can anyone tell me how to configure my developement store so I can use `shopify_payments_account_id`?
  • Is there any reason why it takes up to 7 days to grant payments permissions on a integration thats still being developed?

Any comments or pointers are greatly appreciated.

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