The shopify graphQL API is not working or Hitting the endpoint

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Hi all 

We are developing a shopify node app using the CLI and we use the script tags for injecting some javascript into the store front.

But on a sudden time the graphql query API is not working and didn't fetch the script tags or showing any response and just showing a loading instance.graphql.PNG


<Card title="Integrate Hue-Plugin into online store" sectioned>
              onClick={() => {
                  variables: {
                    input: {
                      src: `${""}`,
                      displayScope: "ALL",
                  refetchQueries: [{ query: QUERY_SCRIPT_TAG }],
              Show Hue-Plugin


The query script tag is not showing or hitting the graphql API


can any one share any issues regarding the issue or currently is there any issues regarding the shopify admin graphql API's.


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