the | within: collection filter is broken for multi-language product url

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Hi everyone, but most importantly Shopify devs!

Since yesterday we have started receiving complaints from merchants that their product urls  on the collections/all pages are broken when the page is being browser in another language.

Please see here:

The | within: collection filter is generating wrong urls when a language is selected, it outputs the language locale suffix /it twice.

Here is a video which shows the problem present on the collections all page, but not on the normal collection pages:

I really hope that Shopify are going to react to this quickly because this is a bug that has been introduced in the liquid engine and I believe it has been introduced just now.

Thank you!




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Hi @SherpasDesign 

This bug has existed for a long time, and it looks like it won't be fixed soon. For now, try these changes:

product.url | within: collection -> product.url | collection