'Too many redirects' error on embedded app

'Too many redirects' error on embedded app

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I recently launched an embedded app hosted on Heroku and getting this error: "rgd.herokuapp.com redirected you too many times." The app authorizes and runs fine when it is first loaded to a shop. But, when I push a new deploy, any apps that are already installed get this error.

In order for the error to go away the app has to be reaccessed going to this URL (with the store name changed out to the actual store name), or by reinstalling the app: https://rgd.herokuapp.com/auth?shop=demo-next-complete.myshopify.com

It appears to be something with the way Heroku handles https vs http calls, but I have no idea how to make sense of it. I also set this up on another host (Rever) and got the same error, so it appears to be something with the set up rather than the hosting.

Maybe this is an oAuth issue that it does not properly re-authorize after a deploy is pushed??

I have the redirect URL setup correctly according the the Heroku set up instructions in the Shopify CLI (attached).

Any ideas on what is going on?







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Getting the same error.


Have you solved it?