Unable to complete checkout using Tokenized Payment with Storefront API

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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to create a demo app in iOS with Mobile-Buy-SDK (Storefront API), so I have been using a developer account without setting up the Shopify Payments, everything is in Test Mode, but I wanted to test the Tokenized Payments. At this point, I am able to successfully process and create checkouts, but the payment processing is done only through the Web Checkout.


I wanted to automate the payment using Stripe and Shopify, and after a couple of google searches and checking out the documentation, I still am unable to successfully complete a checkout just by using Tokenized Payments.


One thing that lingers in my mind is, do I need to setup the Shopify Payments? As in, add Bank accounts, SSNs, and other important information to make this work? Or can I do it purely in test mode?

I do need a Stripe account as well, don't I? And one that is also completely set up?


I tried checking the `shopifyPaymentsAccountId` field, but it's always null. This is one key that I could send to Stripe to get a token, but no, it's always blank. I also tried the vaulted credit card using `checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2` and `cardClient.vault`, but I can't get it to work as well. At least for the latter solution, I'm encountering the error Reasons: Access denied for checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2 field. Required access: `unauthenticated_write_checkouts` access scope. I checked my permissions, and see that unauthenticated_write_checkouts is included.


This drives me nuts, but I'd like to know if this is because I'm only on a "Temporary Account"? I haphazardly created a Shopify account to test features, but while everything else works using Storefront API automatically, only the Payment part is the most troublesome. 


Thank you very much!

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