Unity Shopify Buy SDK package issues

Unity Shopify Buy SDK package issues

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 I have added the unity Shopify SDK to an empty unity project the package has integrated successfully as I see that the test API keys are working perfectly fine. because I see that the vending machine is showing test products from the test API key and link which is 

public string AccessToken = "8f40b2ede3e02be97a81ac29cfabc6e0";
 public string ShopDomain = "unity-buy-sdk.myshopify.com";

when I change these keys with my custom App store keys 
it is not showing me the products

Please let me know if I am missing something in the middle  

The Channel listings are enabled. 
The Product is active 
I believe the only thing that I am missing is
the store is newly made and is on the trial version and if I try to access my site from private mode from the browser it needs the password to access the store.

Apart from that I have followed these instructions as well
which is 

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Products.  done
  • From the Products page, click the product you want to make available. done
  • Next to SALES CHANNELS AND APPS click Manage. done 
  • In the Sales channels and apps dialog box, select the box next to the name of your custom app. done


I would highly appreciate it if anyone help me with this 
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Hey Sajid, have you figured out your problem yet?