[Unstable API] Quantity not registered when running cartLinesAdd on products with a default variant

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Good day all,

I am running into an issue developing a cart integration for our webshop. I am trying to add new line items by running the cartLinesAdd mutation. This works as expected on products with manually added variants, but when a product has no variants, I am currently sending the variant ID for the auto-generated variant. This ultimately adds the product to the cart, but always results into a quantity of 0, no matter the number I send through. 

I am fearing this is probably just a bug in the API, and should be resolved when the next iteration of the official release comes out, but still wanted to make a post about it, in the hopes it might be picked up sooner (our production release will hopefully be a few weeks before October). 

If there is a possible workaround for this, I would really appreciate it being shared here as well!

Kind regards,


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Hey @hnknmzshop 

Thanks for raising this! Our Custom Storefront team are tracking instances like this in our Storefront API feedback discussion here. Please feel free to raise the issue there and we'll ensure that it's taken account of.

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