Update checkout buyer identity using storefront api

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I'm trying to solve a use case related to checkout internationalization. I'm using storefront api 2023-04, I create my checkouts with @InContext and pass the buyer identity, to be able to see changes in the checkout object prices when I change countries, this works fine, the problem is when you go to the checkout page is always going to show you the prices set with the country that the checkout was created(buyer identity). So, for example, if you create a checkout in the US, add some items to the cart, and change the country to Spain(ex: country picker), when you go to the checkout page, the prices there are in US dollars, not in Euros.
The only way that I found so far to address this use case was by calling 

checkoutShippingAddressUpdateV2, changing the address here affects the prices that you see on the checkout page, which is what I want, the problem with this approach is that this mutation doesn't allow me to update only the country, which is the only information that I have at the moment that I'm calling this mutation.
I was reading in the docs for 2023 something called allowPartialAddresses, which you can set when you called createCheckout "Allows setting partial addresses on a Checkout, skipping the full validation of attributes." but this is a boolean, I set this to true and called updateShipping address with only the country but I'm still getting required fields errors.
Is there a way to update the buyer identity or another strategy to solve this?
Thanks in advanced
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