Updated myshopify.com URL, displaying old URL at checkout

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I am building a website that accesses my Shopify data via the Storefront API. 

The issue is that the account originally had a typo in the URL, which I corrected in the Shopify admin, but it remains linked to this account.

The original incorrect address is: 'emildreschermyshopify.com'

The updated correct address is:   'emiledreschermyshopify.com' 

To access the Shopify Storefront API I have to use the original incorrect URL as a credential, but more importantly when the customer is checking out their cart, the url shows the original incorrect 'emildreschermyshopify.com' address.

The current staging address for my website is: https://master--whimsical-salmiakki-6f37ac.netlify.app/

Is this a huge waste of time and is what I am trying to do not possible? / should I just close this account and remake an account using a correct URL?


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Follow up with some screenshops to illustrate the issue-

Website checkout-
Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 2.20.45 PM.png

Shopify admin
shopify UI.png