Updating Checkout Line Item Price through Storefront API

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Hello Shopify Community,


I would like to update the prices of checkout line items while a customer is in checkout - preferably through a Shopify API. The price of my products fluctuate based on the market price of gold. Correspondingly, I would like to display the updated price every minute until the point that the customer confirms the purchase.


I have a Shopify Plus store and have checkout.liquid and shopify scripts bulk discounts published and active. However, I need the feature of updating a product's price regardless of whether the price of my product has increased or decreased.


A 3rd-party API endpoint helps me update product prices on the Shopify admin, however, while testing the checkout process flow, I am unable to get the updated product price reflected in the checkout line item, even after the product price has been updated in the Shopify admin (completed through a Shopify Admin API request).


I know the Storefront GraphQL API has a CheckoutLineItemsUpdate mutation method, however, I need help understanding the process for authenticating and invoking this API through a script that is executed in node.js on an external server which I query from the checkout.liquid template.


Welcome to any and all suggestions! 🙂

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