[Urgent Action Required] Generate new token for third-party app

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Hello Shopify Team!


We would greatly appreciate it if someone can help resolve our issue with generating a new token for our third party app, CartRover.



After installing the two Bytestand apps, we have a suspicion that this might've caused the API code for CartRover to be expired.




They are requesting that we need to generate a new token code in order to input it into CartRover. We have asked multiple Shopify Support members, but they were unable to give us a clear solution on generating a new token. Without CartRover, we are unable to connect and integrate our store with our fulfillment center, RSL thus causing no orders to go through.


We are open to any and all recommendations! Please let us know as soon as possible.


Thank you!

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Shopify Partner
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Did you try following step again ?


1. Enter your Shopify Store Name or URL into CartRover
2. Click Grant Us API Access in CartRover

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