[URGENT NEED HELP] How to get the result of a payment (vivawallet, storefront api & admin api)

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Hello everyone,

I am currently creating an e-business (with React) for a customer using the Storefront API and the Admin API.

The payment is done with Vivawallet which is a shopify partner and has a module.

Delivery is done with :
- Colissimo which is a partner and has a module.
- Coursier.fr: a bike courier delivery service that is NOT a partner and does NOT benefit from a module.

The purchase channel is simple :
the user puts items in his basket > he enters his details > he arrives on the payment interface > he comes back to the site.

I would like to know when I can call the courier api? Because if the payment is not accepted, a courier should not be called.

Also, is it possible to retrieve payment information when the user has made the purchase? For example: query the order and check if the payment was accepted or not.

Do you potentially have any other integration ideas?

Thanks to all of you

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anyone? 🙂