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I have a question in regards to this statement in your terms and conditions:


"Use Shopify Checkout for payments and don’t divert to any other web checkout or payment processing (unless you have our permission)."


We would like to use the Shopify API to create our own product availability and checkout process using the Shopify API. Can you let us know if this is possible (we would like your permission for this). Also, if there are fees associated with this, please let us know. Basically, the product SKUs would be stored on Shopify (along with pricing, etc.), the Shopify API would deliver this to a front-end that we would develop, and the checkout would be bundled with a hotel-based reservation system. Hence the checkout and payment would occur outside Shopify.


Please help!

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Hi ParsusSolutions,


Thanks for your post. For more direct assistance with a question about an exemption to the terms of service you would need to [create a Partner Account] and submit an inquiry to the Partner Support team after logging in to the secure Partner area. 

Developer Support @ Shopify
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