Use Storefront API of a password protected store

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Hi, I am developing my Shopify Online Store channel to ready for opening it to the world. Recently, I know about Storefront API, using GraphQL to work. So I started to play with and use Storefront API. But, an error has happened!

When I send a GraphQL request to the Storefront API endpoint (`/api/graphql`), it always gives me the following message: `{"error":"Online Store channel is locked."}`. I have tested with my friends' stores which don't have any password-protection and it worked normally. But it will always give me the error message with my store. Can anyone explain to me why this happened? Thank you!

(Note: I am using a trial plan but I have also tested with my development store which has the developer plan and is still gives me that error! )

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Hey @minhhelper,


Can you kindly provide the X-Request-ID value from the response headers of a failed call? I will use this to check the logs and find more information about the error.

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I encountered a similar error using Storefront apis with the dev shopify account under password protection. However, the endpoint I was issuing was 




This will respond with password protected html page in my postman call.


So I changed the request to 



Also the access token key in the header for storefront goes by 



as compared to X-Shopify-Access-Token which is given in the shopify documents