Use tailwind-merge on Oxygen runtime.

Use tailwind-merge on Oxygen runtime.

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I'm trying to use the tailwind-merge package with tailwindcss in a hydrogen environment on the oxygen runtime. Everything works except when I start trying to configure tailwind merge to match my tailwind config. Once I try to configure tailwind merge I start to get a missing package error for a package called "tty". It says the package exists on node but not the oxygen runtime. I tried to use the remix "serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill" and "browserNodeBuiltinsPolyfill" but that just pushes the problem one step down the line and I get a new error.


This must be a common setup since Hydrogen comes with a tailwindcss template... Has anyone been able to successfully use tailwind-merge with a custom configuration? How are you supposed to effectively polyfill for node packages in hydrogen?


Any help would be great!

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