Using storefront api within a Shopify based store?

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Hello guys, and sorry for the somewhat general-basic question - but I can't find any clear answer regarding this.

I have a past memory that it's not allow to use the Storefront API (GraphQL) inside a Shopify based store. I mean to call the Storefront API from the actual theme files and use it in the client side.


I can recall that the Storefront API is for headless purpose only but I lost the source that saying that. Just found the same old saying "Can't duplicate Shopiy funcionality" - but it's so unclear.


I looked into the docs, t&c and forums and can't find a clear answer.


Can someone clarify?



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"Apps that enable the Storefront API must explicitly request relevant unauthenticated access scopes during OAuth, or during authentication in the Shopify admin."


So if apps can use it, that must mean it is not just for headless I guess? In any case, I would not see why you would not be allowed to use it.