Using the Checkout API for a single store

Using the Checkout API for a single store

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Hello all.


I'm evaluating Shopify for a couple of e-commerces that I have (I want to migrate them to another, better, and more flexible platform). However, one very important feature that I want is that these stores keep their "transparent checkout" (as we call in Brazil) processes.

After reading through the API docs and some thread in this community, it looks to me that I won't be able to use Shopify because this platform simply does not allow developers to use the Checkout API to fine-tune their checkout processes, is that correct?


Is there any other way to build a custom checkout process integrated with the online store (even if it is through a SPA that is loaded in a modal in the store itself through some JavaScript magic)? I do not want to redirect users to payment gateways which breaks the flow and will surely drop the revenue of my e-commmerces.


If I'm not allowed to create a custom app to integrate with the Checkout API to create a seamless checkout experience within the online store itself, are there any other alternatives?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @brunokrebs,


Take a look at the Storefront API checkout docs:


This will give you more control over the checkout.



Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify