Which account should I have to complete These tutorials

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I have questions for API's, please.
Which account should I have to complete these tutorials:

Briefly, which account should I have to use the products API and the checkout API.
- Partner or normal account?

- Private app or public?

and any other information could you give me will be helpful.

Please notice that I have a basic plan Shopify account.

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If your Shopify basic plan is for a production store, I'd suggest signing up to be a partner (https://shopify.dev/tools/partner-dashboard). That way you can utilize a development store to test things against and not potentially negatively affect anything. And you'd presumably create a private app in the development store, then installing it in your basic plan store if things are working well. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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Hello Greg
Thank you for your help.
My Production store is a website out of Shopify so how I can get all the API's working 

I've signed up as a partner too but I can't get the checkout API working. why is that,

and in my case is enough to have a partner account and create a private app to make everything working on my external site?