A New Shopify App That Protects Your Products From Counterfeits And Piracy

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Protect your products from counterfeits using Fakesburster 


 Fakesburster allows you to generate unique identity for every unit of your products in form of password protected Serialized QR labels. Which can be printed out and attached to each unit of your products. Customers can in turn verify product authenticity live from your Shopify website. 

Upon login, you will receive 10,000 serial credits which can be used for your 10,000 product units on the platform.

You can also check our faq for more answers https://app.fakesburster.com/faq/

We have created in depth video on how to add product authentication to your Shopify homepage. 
For stores that work with print on demand platforms like Printful or Printify and others,  and will like to add anti counterfeit labels to their print on demand products please send us a message at support@fakesburster.com

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