Access denied for markets field

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We have a shopify plus store in the EU that we are servicing multiple marketplaces for.  We have made sure that the "read_markets / write_markets" scopes are enabled for this key we are using.


We are getting a consistent access denied, and I'm using a modified but similar CURL query from the graphql located at:


curl -X POST \
${store}/admin/api/2024-01/graphql.json \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: ${access_token}" \
-d '{ "query": "query Markets { markets(first: 4) { nodes { id name regions(first: 2) { pageInfo { hasNextPage } nodes { name ... on MarketRegionCountry { code } } } } } }" }'
  • Yes, am a using the correct access_token - quadruple checked.
  • Yes, I am sure we applied the read/write scopes to aforementioned key.

Expecting a list like we get from graphql explorer using the same query but getting an Access denied for markets field.


What are we missing?

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