Add-on of theme doesn't work with Markets

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Hello! I have one problem with markets and appearing some features of my theme (sales countdown feature). I've created DE lang in my store and if I go to - it all good, but when I create a market with DE and EN lang, users from Germany are being automatically redirected to /de-de (first lang, second - country code), and in this case my countdown can't work fine (just can't be appeared), but other features are working well. I decided that maybe subdomain can fix this problem, but unfortunately the same as /de-de.

I've hired 2 experts and they still can't find what is the problem because the code is okay, countdown is okay, but still there is a problem with /de-de and subdomain, but if we go to /de (just lang, without country code) - it's good.


If you have any experience with that please help me. Thank you!

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