Additional 301 redirects of translated URL handles

Additional 301 redirects of translated URL handles

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Greetings to you all,


I would like to translate my URL handles into multiple languages and would like to know if redirects are also generated between additional or corrected translations.


Slug A original/standard language:
Slug B Translation:
Slug C Correction of the translation:


It is clear that a redirect from A to B is created, that is the purpose behind it.
But is there also a redirection from B to C or from A to B and then on to C?


This would be important if a spelling mistake is noticed afterwards or if you generally want to change a handle after a few weeks/months, but in the meantime the first translated URL (B) has already been indexed by Google. If no redirect was set between the first (B) and second translation (C), Google would link to the first translation (B), even though only one redirect exists between the original URL (A) and the second translation (C). The indexed link (B) would be dead.


If someone could clarify this for me, I would be very grateful.



Best regards



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