Afterpay not available in all countries due to Shopify Markets

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Afterpay doesn't show for international customers at check out because of shopify markets. Please see below from Afterpay - Is there a work around anyone knows of? 



"Thank you for contacting us regarding Afterpay not appearing at checkout for certain international consumers on your store.

The team has investigated your account and can confirm that cross border payments have been set up successfully and is already activated.

The reason that Afterpay is not appearing for international customers is because there is a currency converter or geolocator enabled. 

Shopify has indicated that this is currently a known limitation. To ensure that the payment method is always displayed at checkout, please disable the multi-currency feature/geolocator on your store.

We are actively working with Shopify to address this, and will provide an update when we can. For additional questions or support regarding this topic, please contact Shopify for more information:"

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Do you know if this has been fixed yet?


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Today, I had a conversation with Shopify regarding this matter, but unfortunately, the issue remains unresolved. The good news is that shopify and afterpay are working on a solution for this, will this involve all other third party payment providers remains to be seen. 


However, I did learn that Klarna has been enabled for the Canadian market on Shopify Markets Pro. While I wish the resolution process were quicker, it appears to be a relatively straightforward matter. I sincerely hope that my pessimism regarding the timeline turns out to be incorrect.

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Received from Afterpay today:


As for your question, we have previously mentioned that there is a known limitation within Shopify that hides Afterpay at checkout from some customers shopping online in a country where that country’s currency is different from your store's home country currency. This limitation impacts merchants that have Shopify Markets and Cross Border Trade enabled. 

While Shopify has shared that a fix will be released in mid-Q2, 2023, there is an immediate work-around that will allow your international customers to again use Afterpay at checkout. Please note that by enabling this temporary solution, affected customers will no longer see products displayed in their local currency, they will instead see it in your store's home country currency.

Here’s how to disable the localized currency option so that Afterpay is once again available to affected international customers. Please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Shopify account
  • Go to Settings > Markets
  • Next to the name of the market, click Manage
  • Next to Products and pricing, click Manage
  • In the Pricing section, uncheck Show prices to customers in their local currency
  • Click Save

Details can also be found here on Shopify’s site. Once you have made this change, Afterpay will be available to customers who are shopping in a country that has a currency that differs from your store's home country currency. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can further assist you.

For more information on Markets or the fix that Shopify will release in mid-Q2, 2023, please contact Shopify support directly:

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I hope this gets fixed soon! I'm not even seeing the Afterpay / Riverty option at alternative payment methods on Shopify. Is there a suitable alternative for Afterpay to use on Shopify? I'd love to be able to offer my customers the option to pay in installments

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To this day, have you found any solution to this problem ? I am also facing this issue and cannot find any good alternatives.

Thanks. Ben

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The issue is still not resolved and the work-around is pathetic. If we wanted our cross border customers to check out in the store's local currency, we would not have used Shopify markets in the first place!

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Hi there. I’ve been monitoring this forum for any updates.

As of 5 minutes ago I saw an international market process a successful purchase using afterpay. I tested myself using a VPN and Afterpay showed up as an option and worked! Wondering if anyone else is having success now? 

I have had calls with afterpay this week, and lodged a ticket for a separate issue (Afterpay site messaging related for my main market) I’m assuming they didn’t go in and fix this just on my site, surely is a global fix for all stores.
Keen to hear from others if it’s working now!

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I have also started noticing this over the past few days.


We are an Australian merchant and now all of a sudden, we have Canadian and US customers able to check out with Afterpay - which is great, however they are checking out in AUD rather than CAD or USD!


EDIT:I have also checked my Afterpay merchant centre and can confirm that the settlements are coming through to our account in AUD so glad that there isn't a disconnect on that side. I have reached out to Afterpay Global Support team for an update as we need to know what to inform our customers about what currency they'll be charged in when they select Afterpay at checkout as their payment method.

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Hey guys! 

We are a U.S based merchant and I just noticed as well that we have successfully processed several checkout for Australia, UK and Canada customers over the past few days. 

It's great that the option is available again for our international customers!

However even though the checkout process is shown in our customer's local currency, there is a warning below the Afterpay widget at checkout showing "you will be charge...$USD". I will attach a screenshot. 

I guess if that's the only workaround for now, it's better than nothing. But, it would be great is customers can checkout in their local currencies. 


Keep us tuned if any update! 

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Any updates if this has been fixed yet?