Any one have experience moving from multiple stores to 1 international store, using Shopify Markets?

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We currently have 2 Shopify stores. One for Canada and one for the U.S, they are identical. 


As you may know, running multiple stores causes some management overhead and a few headaches with apps, reporting, and other...


With the launch of Shopify Markets, we hope to be able to run one store for both countries. It seems possible, but we have some concerns: 


1. Being able to charge Canadian customers in $CAD and American Customers in $USD 

2. Receive the funds for Canadian sales in $CAD in a $CAD bank account and American sales in $USD in a $USD bank account. 

3. Be able to report sales in each currency for accounting. 


This leads us to the following questions: 

1. Seems possible if we are on an Advanced plan. Does anyone know of a way to do this on "Shopify" plan?

2. From what we understand, this cannot be done with Shopify payments but can be done with Stripe. Does anyone have experience moving to Stripe for this reason?

3. Does anyone know if Shopify will have a sales report with sales made in their respective currencies? 


Finally, if anyone has gone through the process, are there any other issues going from multiple stores to one? 


Thank you!


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Hi @Alexfournier,


You can do all of this within one store with Shopify Payments and on the Shopify Plan. If you need anything other than automatic currency conversion for USD <--> CAD (e.g. you want to stabilize prices with your own FX rate, or even create fixed prices for each country) then you will need to be on the Advanced plan.


Getting paid out into separate accounts in each currency isn't yet possible, but it is something we plan on having available later this year. It is true that Stripe offers this functionality, but it cannot be done with Shopify Payments yet (required to sell in multiple currencies).


Standard sales reports are all reported on in the base currency of your store, but there are sales reports by currency as well to give you an exact breakdown.

Cole | Product @Shopify 
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