Australian Store - selling and shipping to EU

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We are an Australian Shopify store - with warehouses around the world, sell worldwide including a warehouse in UK shipping to EU countries.


We now need to pay VAT - was wonder if someone had completed a similar activity.


Registering with OSS is single approach, however need revenue of 10000 euro (not us - wish it was).


Trying to void the need to register/manage acros multiple countries if possible.


Welcome any experience or feedback here

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Hi Dougie,
with the EAS tool, you can use IOSS for deliveries from the UK to EU countries. IOSS has no minimum volumes and it removes the need for VAT registrations in the EU. IOSS registration and intermediary services are included in our transaction fee, without any starting fees or monthly fees. Check it out, I hope it helps you. If you need help or IOSS registration book a meeting with us here