Auto filled commodity information on customs forms broken

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The current form of how the info is filled automatically is really useless and wasteful.  Simply inserting the schedule B description creates more problems than it solves, US Mail allows a line or two for that description on their customs form and what is filled in there automatically is way too vague and I've had items shipped back as a result.  Having to go in an manually edit the description for EVERY package is also not acceptable, its a huge waste of time and there is no way to save the customs description with the item, when you select "save to item details" it does NOT keep the item description.  Same goes for UPS where it automatically imports a paragraph of info from the schedule B description


That info should be saved with the part and if it has to be autofilled from the sch B description, please allow it to be overridden and SAVED.  As somone who has to fill out dozens of these a week, its becoming a major annoyance

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