Automatically Charge correct VAT depending on country

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Hi All,

Let's say I have a product priced at $10.
If a customer is within the UK where VAT is 20% they would automatically see the price as $10 + 20%, and say a customer was in the US they would see it as just $10 (I think there is no VAT charged there?)


Is there a way to do this? 

I saw on another post that there is not and I must price my items with VAT included. This seems very silly as I would be selling this $10 for $12 across the world even if they don't have a 20% VAT rate in that country...


Any help on this matter would be great.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Southstar,


It is quite uncomplicated. So you seem to want to keep you catalogue prices VAT exclusive (it actually matter not for this particular situation and technically you can use both tax inclusive and tax eclusive settings, but I refere to your example) .

Go to tax seetings and set it this way :


Thus in the countries where you set to collect VAT (UK or EU for example) your prices will be with tax , while in other countries where you do not collect taxes the price will stay being 10$.

Hope it helps. Let me know if I can help more. - best EU and UK VAT complience solution for Shopify.  - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.
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Hi there,


We make a product that has a 13.5% VAT rate in Ireland and a 20% VAT rate in the UK.  Is it possible to display the price VAT incl. for both markets ?  Ie the displayed Irish market price incl of 13.5% VAT and the displayed UK market price incl of 20% ?  We know that the taxes can be added at checkout but most Irish and English people prefer to see the price VAT incl. before they get to checkout.

Many thanks