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The limited options for Canada shipping is creating quite a devastating customer experience. What are the recommendation to ship internationally, trackable and cost effective from Canada? Any advice is welcome, thank you!

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Since shipping overseas is usually more complicated than domestic shipping, international freight logistics can present some unique challenges for eCommerce businesses. Some companies specialize in international freight and handle logistical challenges for you.
If you choose an international shipping carrier such as FedEx or DHL for the entire route, some or all of your shipping costs may be rolled into your postage. International carriers are responsible end-to-end for shipments and generally permit more visibility across the entire process than a national carrier working with a shipping partner would.
 You can ship your packages through FedEx, UPS, CanadaPost, Porulator, Canpar, Loomis, DHL, Dicom.
Comparing shipping costs to find the cheapest shipping with all these couriers can quickly become extremely time-consuming.
You can track all the packages with the help of a parcel monitor in Canada and abroad just enter your tracking number and get real-time updates.

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thanks for the reply. This is quite a generic answer that's presented on the Shopify website. My case is specific to shipping from Canada to international - is the only option for this Canada Post? From my understanding I would need to create an independent account with DHL/Fedex/UPS to leverage their systems - which presents more costs for a growing business like mine. For example, the only option on Shopify to ship from Canada to South Africa is via a Canada Post untracked method. As you can imagine, this is quite an awful experience for both the recipient and sender (anxiety amplified by COVID related delays). ? To be specific, my question is what options within Shopify itself are offered for businesses who need to ship internationally, e.g. South Africa, with a trackable waybill number